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May 2024

Registration for the 2024-25 dance season starts Sunday, May 5, 2024! To view the complete schedule, including all our new class offerings, please click here.

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Laura Beglin

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Creative Movement & Dance Workshops

School Workshops

Benefits of Creative Movement & Dance Workshops


As of October 1, 2018, Laura Beglin Dance is an approved partner of the Toronto District School Board.

Laura Beglin Dance offers customized dance and creative movement workshops for preschools, elementary and high schools. Teachers and students can choose from a variety of dance styles, from classical forms to contemporary and couple’s dancing. The workshops can vary in length— anywhere from one hour to several weeks—depending on the needs and goals of the particular school.

Laura Beglin teaches jazz, ballet, modern, hip hop, musical theatre, ballroom and creative movement. Teachers work with Laura by informing her of specific goals they have for their students and themselves. They are able to choose which dance styles or forms they would like to focus on in the classroom, as well as the amount of attention given to technique and dance history.

When Laura teaches her workshops she incorporates aspects of body and spatial awareness, elements of choreography, form and style of dance, and proper conditioning. The workshops can be used for drama, gym or dance units within any given curriculum. The goal of Laura’s workshops is to foster creativity, confidence, artistic awareness, artistic appreciation and healthy active living in the students.

If Laura is not teaching the entire unit, the students will generally build upon what she has taught them after she has left. Many teachers elect to continue the unit by expanding on the principles Laura has introduced to the students and teachers. This may include students working on their own choreography, dramatic works, performance pieces, or further developing their skills in a particular style of dance. Sometimes students taught by Laura will work with their peers or younger students to teach skills they have learned in the dance workshops.

Laura’s knowledge of world dance can also be brought to the classroom through dance history, music and movement. Her dance workshops can therefore be used in the classroom to integrate world history, geography and even science and mathematics.

Healthy active living units are required in the province of Ontario, and dance is included in the curriculum. Laura Beglin’s workshops bring a new and diverse perspective to teachers and students in the classroom. Her expertise and training provides students and teachers a solid educational dance foundation based on Laura’s seventeen years of formal dance training and education, including her education as a dance major at York University.

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